Island systems

Whether for free-standing houses, remote farms or entire villages, across the world to find applications for stand-alone power supply with a grid system. They are used mostly where wiring complex with the public network as if their own source of electricity. For cost reasons this was done earlier with diesel generators. Due to rising fuel costs (including for the procurement) and falling prices module operates now they are increasingly using solar power, especially in southern latitudes.
Among the small island systems, for example here Parking meters, traffic monitoring systems, traffic signs, navigational aids, but also boats, caravans, etc

The most important task when planning a stand-alone system, is the coordination between energy consumption and energy supply. Furthermore, of course, look into the future, whether the network would be expanded. To achieve high availability of the isolated system, a careful inventory of the daily power consumption is necessary.

To guarantee a supply for AC mains voltage (220V) designed equipment is necessary for isolated systems, a fairly constant frequency of 50 or 60 Hertz. This is achieved through the speed control of the generator or DC power sources (solar panels, batteries) through the inverter.

The dimensioning of a photovoltaic system, among other things from the site (solar radiation, alignment and construction / vegetation) and also depending on the season, in which it is to be used. In addition, working with as-performers to the island as small as possible and build system so that cost-effectively. By accumulators consumption fluctuations can be compensated.
For recharging the batteries can be used solar panels, wind turbines or diesel
engines. Combining several different generators, is called a hybrid system.
Charge controller protects the battery from overcharging. Harmful discharge prevents
a load shedding equipment.

Solar-powered water pumps can be used in regions with strong sunlight for water supply and irrigation. Their use is particularly useful, as sunlight and water requirements often occur simultaneously.