The storage of solar energy is omitted from economic and technical reasons, the power grid itself serves as a kind of memory. At private and commercial operators of solar power systems the power comes from the socket - when does the network is available.
In contrast, provide off-grid solar power systems, including grid systems, stand-alone photovoltaic systems or solar home system, called the consumer directly or from batteries when the sun is not shining. Such grid systems are in this country to country cottages or recreational properties, and especially in rural areas of emerging and developing countries that are remote from the mains. There, the required around-the-Clock Solar power is managed with intelligent electronics and as required to be DC or AC loads with power from the PV generator or solar-powered batteries.

Blackout date also meant the end for solar power systems
But given the increase in the occurrence blackouts wonder more and more solar power producers, why their grid-connected system will be just for safety reasons out of service if the network does not provide energy. And that is not so rare were large-scale and long-lasting power outages it in Europe in November 2005, in November 2006 and most recently as a result of the storm Kyrill in January 2007. In the U.S., the centralized power grid broke down almost completely on 08/15/2003. In the opinion of experts may be temporary blackouts and power cuts or even increase. The result: No light, no heating, no electricity for refrigerators and no power for the computer - and that, although the solar panels can provide on its own roof as a small decentralized power plant entirely for their own use.

Synthesis of island plant and utility connection closes gaps                                  This is the backup in the concept. With the backup system, owners can also use their solar power system during a power outage and supply the main power consumers themselves. In just 30 milliseconds the Backup switched on alone power supply, even at night or when the occupants are on vacation. Both new and existing solar energy systems can be expanded easily and inexpensively to the backup technology - without compromising the photovoltaic efficiency.

Solar power during a power failure                                                                        In normal operation, solar power is fed through one or more inverters to the grid. Only during a power failure, the backup inverter supplied to consumers in the home by forming in a split second an autonomous network. The central component of the solar emergency power system is an additional backup inverter, the complete system it manages. Other components are an automatic switching (AS-Box), the photovoltaic generator off during a power failure, normally and safely from the net, and laid out as required set of batteries. The backup power failure at the inverter coordinates all switching activities, such as the separation of power and the switching of the PV system.

Security of supply for residential and commercial solar system operator
How important is the power supply will be felt until it fails. Households but also companies have to make do without light, the heating does not work because the strike electric pumps, natural means of communication such as telephone and PC are no longer available. Particularly serious are the consequences of a power failure for example, if cold chain is interrupted, or even food and medicines spoiled. On farms may be more stable ventilation and heat lamps.

Solar power system and batteries in parallel                                                         The newly created island network then provides, together with the PV system the energy for the major appliances in the home or at work. The solar modules are used both for the direct supply and to charge the batteries. By the direct operation in sunlight the battery pack can be small and therefore low-cost, for he must bridge usually only at night. The parallel operation of batteries and solar power system allows that, even when a power failure over long periods of operation energy is available.
As soon as the public network is available again, the backup inverter automatically and without interruption goes back in the network operation and leaves the solar power systems solar his "colleagues".