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The central point to the efficiency of a photovoltaic system is a realistic forecast of its energy yield. If the Energy yield predicted with sufficient accuracy, the economy is on a solid foundation                                                      

Critical to the smooth operation of a photovoltaic system are an optimal design, quality components, professional installation and a comprehensive quality assurance. Through this quality assurance, consisting of earnings reports, module surveying, system acceptance and long-term monitoring can ensure that the predicted yield is achieved over the entire life of the system.


We are an independent planner for all questions on photovoltaics. We are committed to the "commitment of the yield reporter" as part of the uvs-working group "Quality Assurance for solar fund”.
That is to say to you that the statements and calculations are presented in the yield reports generally transparent and comprehensible.
We work with the latest simulation programs Greenius (from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in cooperation with Prof. Quaschning) and PVSYST (of the University of Geneva)


Energy yield assessment

The earnings report after the careful planning is the first step in quality assurance. An earnings forecast for PV-projects based on two components: the location and  the technical viewing system. The site analyzes the radiation at the location, and possible shading situations. We work here with 3 different sets of weather data and measurements pray existing equipment and simulation programs for shading analysis.

The technical viewing system analyzes the system configuration. A PV system consists of numerous components. Each of these components ensures energy losses. These individual losses, it is to capture as accurately as possible, by the end the efficiency of the entire system to calculate the so-called "Performance Ratio (PR). The PR indicates the utilization of the plant compared to a loss generating device works.

Our earnings reports are produced in good faith and belief and are state of the art and science.