Services for Companies

Critical to the yield of a photovoltaic system are an optimal design, quality components, professional installation and a comprehensive quality assurance. Through this quality assurance, consisting of earnings reports, module surveying, system acceptance and long-term monitoring can ensure that the predicted yield is achieved over the life of the system!

Whether if you want to build or lease your roof, your facade or a large open area for a photovoltaic system, even a PV system, or as investor looking for an attractive object. The diversity in the PV market is very confusing, we analyze your ideas and support you fully from A to Z to the target. We provide the vendor-independent consultancy for your project, so your concret idea is crowned with a surplus compared to manufacturer-based companies.

Of decision is the available space. If the roof faces south, it carries the load, or will it soon be rehabilitated? How can the PV system integrated into the facade. Even in open areas, the location is crucial. Are particularly suitable conversion areas and agricultural land use without competing claim. We examine the legal pre-conditions to the approval authorities and regional planning laws, as well as the capabilities of the network connection. The legal side of property is cleared by us. We keep track of all parties to achieve the maximum benefit.

Tailored and optimized to the roof / the facade or the area the size of the PV system, the nature of the modules, the appropriate inverter and the mounting system should be established. Also the end of the investment structure is being developed in this phase. Now begins the tender for the plant to achieve the most optimized price / performance ratio. There are involved only specialized companys to perform the installation in the tender.

Finance / Insurance
We optimize the profitability of a project at all levels: By invitation you get the best price on the market. We assist you in financing your PV-System to the bank at all levels, but also in finding private or institutional investors. When choosing the right insurance for your PV system scope, we advise you also independent.

In the vast number of projects, we coordinate all activities during the construction phase. The solar modules, inverters, transformers are supplied, tested and then built, wired and connected to the mains. We put the system into operation and create an extensive measurement protocol. We completed the documentation / quality control and hand over.

Gladly we take care of the technical operation of their PV system. This includes the daily monitoring by remote monitoring and if necessary repair of the facility by a certified company. This is important for the smooth operation of your plant well over 20 years.